Sunday, 21 October 2012

#61 Inspired by Adjectives

pages like these are so fun for me to make. I could make one for each of my friends and family members...

but I chose to make my subject someone that doesn't ge featured a lot in my scapbooks - my little cousin Francisco.

As the middle child, he hardly gets any attention and therefore has developed a knack for causing trouble. But it is that same knack that lends itself to his very defined personality.

I chose a favorite sketch from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership and went to town with my alphas.  

I tried to choose colors that would make the colors on the layout pop. The touches of red were subtle but the choice of the two red alphas bring out this color on the page. I also chose to showcase these traits by making them red as they stand out more.

I kept my clusted on the top simple, but tried to incorporate all the colors on the layout for continuity. 

I didn't have a tag that matched, so i traced an existing tag unto the grey dot paper and cut it out.

How did you fare with your list of adjectives?

Until next week,

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