Sunday, 7 October 2012

#59 Inspired by altering stuff

Ok, guys, I have a little confession to make.

this prompt was a little like cheating for me. I almost ALWAYS alter stuff. Very rarely do manufacturers make products just like I want them and so everything gets a little personalization before it goes on the page.

But I thought this prompt would give us all an opportunity to focus and share our little tips for making products match our style and pages.

While every page I made this week could count towards this prompt, I decided to share with you the only one I took process photos of. :) I apologize beforehand for the crappy colors. The lamp on my desk doesn't allow for natural looking photos.

I love these wood veneer tags. I got mine from this etsy shop {here}.

But of course, I wouldn't use them as is. With my neocolor pencils I colored in the bottom in a gradient by applying less pressure to the pencil as I went. 

Then I added a little water and created a customized ombre tag!
Next, I took this awesome layered ampersand sticker from the Ready, Set, Go collection, but the colors were totally off and didn't match my page. So I pressed the whole thing into my embossing pad and add silver embossing powder.
before taking the heat gun to it, I dusted off a few spots to show the orange underneath for a distressed look.

I remembered these awesome wood letters I have, but of course I didn't have enough R's. I had one R, but I had two P's... so I decided to give the same treatment to both P's. I cut up the legs off of the X and added them to the P's - and presto!

And here's a look at the completed page. I can't imagine this page without those little personalized touches and to the inexperienced eye, these things seem like they were purchased that way. 
 Hope you had fun finding ways to change up your stash this week.

Show us how it went! Remember the tag is WM#59.


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  1. Sitting in bed with hot spot to comment. Haven't managed to get mine up but you know I managed it!!
    Of course your personal touches are what ake your layouts so special and this one is no xception. The tag is stunning and what a cool save on the letters. You're right, one would never know. You have me inspired. :-)


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