Monday, 3 September 2012

Challenge # 55 week of September 3, 2012

Today in the States we celebrate Labor Day. Traditionally, this marks the end of summer. It being my favorite season of the year, this makes me a little blue.

And nothing makes me less blue than reliving good memories and putting them on a scrapbook page.

Take this layout for example...

To me this is the perfect summary layout.

I know many of you have been quite busy this season with kids, grandkids, visitors, travels, etc. I am sure you have collected a decent number of photos. I want to challenge you, or really just help you, to create a summary layout of Summer 2012. You can go back and create as many different pages as you want to document this summer. Or you can finish that mini-book you wanted to create over the next few months when things slow down. But instead of overwhelming yourself with all the many photos not yet scrapped, create ONE layout that sums it all up and throw away the guilt.

Some helpful tips on how to accomplish this layout:

* use many of your favorite photos in a grid pattern under the title "best of Summer 2012"
* create a pie-chart like layout with a photo representing each of the activities you spent time doing - example {here}
* select one photo you feel completely embodies the essence of your summer and sum up the rest with journaling
* create a layout with no photos and a list of all the things you did or that made it great. You can alternatively use a post-card or other collected memorabilia instead of a photo

Most importantly, don't stress. You can always go back and really catch all the details of your summer later. But having this page in your albums will make you feel "caught up" and will remind you of all the happy times you enjoyed this summer. So indulge in the process and forget the rest!

If you join us in this adventure, please remember to post your layouts to our flick'r gallery with the tag WM#55.


ps: we will be back shortly with our giveaway winner.

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