Sunday, 2 September 2012

#54 Inspired by stitching

I love stitching on paper and bought a new sewing machine recently that has yet to spy a piece of fabric! And that from someone who used to design and make evening gowns and wedding dresses for a living!

But as soon as I started scrapping I knew I wanted to add stitching details though it took a long time for me to take the leap. I love sewing a few hand-stitches when I have time, or these days whipping out the machine and trying something new. Often, I just make it simple but every now and again I go to town and find it very therapeutic - the embroidery layout featured in the prompt post is just such a layout. I love the texture and dimension it adds to the page and the detail it adds always makes me happy - if it#s a line of running stitch or a sprinkle of french knots.

Pam uses stitches for borders, for words, for titles and I always love that look whenever I see it - adding that to my list to try out sometime.

If you've been wanting to have a go at sewing on your layouts - in a simple or more extravagant way, I recommend you checking out Pam's layouts in the Flickr gallery (here) or the Stitching on Paper free class I was talking about over at Obstinate Pursuit.

As for me this week, I was still feeling the grid groove from last week and decided to stitch a grid to fill with little bits and pieces.

With some light pencil lines to follow, this came together in no time, using my CKC August kit, Olympiad in the process.

I hope you've enjoyed stitching this week as much as I have. And don't forget to add your creation to our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#54.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. hey there smiler indeed. I love to see you smile and I am glad your current situation allows you that. But I also adore this simple (really simple for you) layout you've created to document it. Could it be any more gorgeous?
    Or maybe it's the fact that is has all my favorite elements: white background, butterflies, paper scraps, grid, splats. are you sure I didn't make this? ;)


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