Sunday, 9 September 2012

#55 inspired by summer 2012

Once again I'm keeping it easy this time around. Summer 2012 seems to have passed me by and I didn't think I'd done all that much. No holidays, no days out, no weekends away. But then Pam gently reminded my that there were several things I had shared with her that were good summer memories.

Of course she's right. I was just feeling sorry for myself!

Every summer since 2008, my baby brother Ted has come to visit or rather he's come to work and earn some summer money, but when he's not working, we have a lot of fun. He usually stays about four weeks and that can add up to a lot of photos.

This year was definitely our quietest yet but we still managed a company summer party, an art trip, a football match, several BBQs, more than a few beers outside on warm summer evenings, a few restaurant trips with and without girlfriend who came to stay a weekend, shopping, finally visiting a local attraction we've been trying to get to for the third summer in a row, the yearly fun fair event and plenty of cross-country rivalry while feeling emotionally British watching the Olympics! Not bad considering we were all working more than full-time Monday to Friday!

So that was the focus of my layout. And I'm still in the grid groove which is a design I always turn to when I have a lot of photos to feature. I limited myself to 18 small Instagram or Hipstamatic shots and went for a simple double page spread which I haven't done for ages.

I also turned to my CKC September kit, Packing and included some of my CHA summer counterfeited elements!

I want to thank Pam for not letting me wallow and for pointing out that I had a lot of fun with Ted. I always do! Over the last few years, his trips to visit have always been high points for me and I'm so glad I was nudged to get this year's down on paper :-)

Hope you join in this week! Don't forget to share {here} with the tag WM#55

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  1. yay! you did it. beautiful layout of course, with those gorgeous feather and well done you with the double page design but my favorite part is that you found reasons to celebrated your summer and include 18 (wow) photos! love it and I am so proud of you for CHOOSING to see the fun side of your summer :)


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