Sunday, 23 September 2012

#57 inspired by Lyrics

Hello there!

Welcome to another week of layouts. I have two projects to share with you - and two song videos.

I discovered in living with the challenge this week that I listen to a lot of sad music! I had no idea. I could've used a number of songs that resonate with me at this time, but they were all sad and I wanted to make happy pages. I also listen to some pretty obscure artists and I wanted these pages to be songs that were easily recognizable to anyone who would see these pages. I feel we have such a strong connection to music and memories that if I could get you to hum or hear the song in your head, other emotions would surely be evoked.

I finally turned to online searches for inspiration and a quick google search of "best friendship songs" turned up {this page} and this song...

as soon as I settled on the song, I knew which friend and which photos I would scrap. The photos were taken 4 years apart, but I feel they represent the lyrics visually. 

This next page started off as a joke in my head... but after looking up the lyrics, I realized how fittingly they describe me right now. 

The layout itself started without a sketch or idea. I just started taping down washi tape in a pattern from the center out. But once I was done with the first half, I decided I didn't want to do the other half. Then I couldn't settle on a photo of me, so I square punched a bunch of them and laid them on the bottom. Next I added my title word by word from the bottom up and ended up with very little space for journaling the lyrics... so I just wrote on top of the washi. 

I just wrote out random lines from the song in no particular order.

I love it when things turn out like this. These days I rely so much on lifting designs and using sketches that I forget to rely on my own design skills and make pages that are truly born of my creativity.

Did you find songs to use as journaling?

If so, we would love to see them over at the gallery with the tage WM#57. I've already seen a couple and am in love with where this has taken you.

Until next week.


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  1. My dear Pam, Just want to send you hugs. Your work played a big part in getting me over a dry hump in February. I would like nothing more than to return the favour; pick you up and carry your through the rough parts of your life. Take heart that I (and many other virtual friends) are standing in support and cheering you on.



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