Sunday, 16 October 2011

# 9 Inspired by the voice of others

As soon as I read Pam's prompt for this week's challenge to use a different voice on our pages this week, I had my layout in mind.

Some months ago, prompted by something I think I saw on Cathy Z's blog (?), I decided it was time to get talking to my nephew and nieces to make sure I capture them right now. Living away from them, I worry that I miss a lot of detail and a questionnaire seemed to be a good way to find out what was making them tick - now!

My nephew was the first one to be questioned, sending him a letter of congratulations (and questions) on losing his first tooth, which I'm told he completed alone straight away.
Love all those wishes he wants! On my layout, I also used his (mis)spellings because I found that so endearing!

Next up was my oldest niece who had recently begun concentrating on gymnastics after being talent spotted. It was "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" which seemed an ideal time to send her a sweet note and some questions too.
I love that she started off describing herself as "beautiful" and then changed it to "gorgeous" - much better a word I think!
And last but by no means least was the Diva in the family. Years younger than the rest, but petulant, demanding and utterly adorable all the same! I sent her a German tradition of a "Schultüte" for her first day of school and some questions.
This was the only word in her own writing - so cute!

And I got a drawing of a giant balloon being attacked by an enormous, multi-coloured shark on the back. Definitely worth keeping! ;-)

The pages were completed and brought back. And sat in a drawer. Every now and again, I thought about dragging them out and getting it done but it seemed such a lot of work and so it was put to the bottom of the list again.

Until this week.

Kaboom! This page was the perfect solution for Pam's wonderful inspiration. I used a page from a Nic Howard class I'd taken over at BPC as the basis for the design and have made pockets on the back to hold the original pages with all their own answers which were too many to fit onto the layout. The photos are current too so I really feel like I have this moment in their lives captured to a degree. And that makes me smile!


  1. i love that you've included the pages for us to see. They are quite funny. It will be fun to pull them out for them in a few years. I think you nailed the challenge with this page and the answers definitely bring a new perspective into your page. Well done and lovely heart banner.

  2. Some great ideas here - certainly a new perspective!


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