Monday, 10 October 2011

Challenge #9 Week of 10/10/11

New week and time for a new challenge. This may a hard one, but as always, the challenges are meant to push us in new directions and see what results. The challenge is to use a new voice - change up the POV. Ideally, we would get someone in our life to hand-write the journaling for us, but since that may be difficult... us scrapbookers can find ways to improvise to make sure we include other's voices. Ali Edwards always finds ways of doing this, including bits written by her husband, daughter and son. It is so meaningful to her to capture all sides of their story. I think it is important we do too.

Consider these alternative approaches:
- using emails sent by others
- re-purposing old cards: birthday, greeting, anniversary, etc.
- including to do lists or other doodling left behind by another member of our immediate circle
- adding old letters either directed to us or perhaps heirlooms collected through the years.
- copying facebook statuses or wall posts

Feel free to adapt the challenge to fit your needs and your story, but push yourself to find a way to use words that are not your own (with permission of course) and you will be glad you did.

Good luck and remember, Lisa will be back next week with a new challenge.


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  1. Ooo, good one! Actually, it's funny you made this challenge because over the last couple of months, I've got my nephew and nieces to complete a little questionnaire each and was only thinking that LOAD would be a good time to get them done. And I tell you, kids are always hilarious. But I also like the idea of emails or the other suggestions so I'll have a think about what to do. Love how you get my brain whirring so early on a Monday morning!


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