Monday, 3 October 2011

Challenge #8 Week of 3rd October 2011

This week's challenge is an idea that I got from a previous LOAD which was also similar to a prompt that CKC used some time ago. Either way to work it is such an interesting concept!


Go to Ebay and enter your name into the search field and get inspiration from the results!
This was interesting as you'd be amazed at how many Lisa's there were and all sorts of weird and wonderful items for sale.

But there was a book written by a Lisa something or other which featured a blue monochrome cover with lots of branches that I thought was interesting. And that produced this layout.

Go to Etsy and just find inspiration from browsing through some pages.

When I did this it reminded me a lot of the prompts from the Ebay prompt so I combined them and entered my name into the search field on Etsy and then looked through the results.

This beautiful iPad cover caught my eye quite quickly as the Amy Butler fabric is gorgeous and the lines of the cover are just great. I really liked the flap with the button and decided that I would take this element onto my layout. 


Have fun with this one - I can see you coming up with an amazing inspirational layout. I feel like this prompt is perfect for you!

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