Monday, 17 October 2011

Challenge #10 Week of 17th October 2011

Another week, another challenge. And this week, it's my turn to provide the inspiration.

At first, I was unsure as to what to do but then when I stepped out onto my balcony this morning it was clear...

Step outside and use what you see as inspiration for your layout this week.

This is my favourite time of year and there is so much to love at the moment where I live:

  • blue skies
  • autumn sunshine
  • colourful leaves
  • misty morning
  • late flowers
  • dew on spider webs
  • early sunsets
  • cold, fresh air
  • that "winter is on its way" feeling
  • the rustle of wind in the trees
  • that autumn "light"
  • tractors and farm vehicles trundling past day and night harvesting the last of the crops
  • the low sun in the sky
  • the feeling of time moving on

What do you see where you are? What will you use as your inspiration? Take it whichever direction you like: subject matter, autumn quotes, colour schemes, choice of papers, nature photos, your perspective at this time of year... I see a myriad of possibilities and am excited to see how this takes you.

Make sure you say Hi in the comments and leave us your link if you join in the challenge. :-)


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