Monday, 31 October 2011

#11 a little about my frogs

Well, we are finally up and running and of course I had a very difficult time meeting my deadline - which you can read about over at my personal blog. 

Like Lisa, this prompt had me thinking in all sorts of directions. I thought about making a layout based on my list of qualities I'm looking for, or discuss every "frog" that has come my way... In the end I went with a simple layout just talking about how I feel about my frogs. It is where I am right now. A real part of me.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I will try to replace them as soon as I am able. maybe then the journaling will be easier to read.

I am excited by the prospect that some of you will be playing along. Don't forget, if you did create a layout inspired by this prompt to post it to our flick'r group and tag it WM#11. 

I am curious to see where Lisa will challenge us to go next. 


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  1. you blow me away every time! This is so wonderful and totally you. The words you use are down to earth but heartfelt and honest, with a hint of humorous thrown in for good will. I love the design and the multi-alpha title. I have a lot to learn...


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