Monday, 31 March 2014

Challenge #129 week of 31st March 2013

I had something else planned for today, but something the delightful Pam said the other day got me thinking and I decided to change out the prompt.

We all have them. I know I have a lot! And when I look back through my pre-digi photos, there are more than I'd care to admit to. I know you've got them too.

Blurry photos!

This week, I'd like you to be inspired to create a project with a somewhat out of focus photo.

Especially those rather bad, older photos can be hard on the eye but still have very precious stories attached that you might still want to capture. And I don't know about you, but many of my iPhone selfies are on the blurry side but I still love them and try to find a way to use them on my pages.

I'm hoping that Pam will join in though I can't remember now what blurry photo she had said that she wanted to use. However, I'm sure there are a few from our New York adventure too.

I know that if you've been doing LOAD for any time, there have been several prompts to use less than stellar photo so it can be that you've a layout or two already featuring those blurry photos but I hope you can find another story to tell. In fact, LOAD212 had the theme of Past Perfect and LOAD514 will be asking us once again to delve into our past. So many of the layouts from that LOAD (you can see my set on Flickr here) have bad photos due them being film photos. I'm always surprised at just how bad these older photos are with terrible composition, heads cut off, out of focus, under or over exposed! You have it all. But some of those layouts are among my favourites of recent years.

This one for example:

A truly out of focus shot but it brings out so many wonderful, happy memories, Well worth preserving on a page.

So this week, I'd love you to be inspired to fish out one of those blurry photos that has something to say and share your creation with us over at our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#129.

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