Monday, 21 January 2013

Challenge # 74 - Week of January 21st, 2012

Another week is upon us.

And I know we have had a slow start to this year, but we are not slowing down on the prompts. So keep checking back and once you are up to it again, jump right back in. We will be waiting for you.

My challenge for this week was inspired by a layout I made (which I still can't share with you) which used the two papers below.

the doodlebug paper can be found {here} and the basic grey paper {here}

I know what you might be thinking - those patterns don't match. And perhaps they don't. They are big and bold , statement patterns with totally different motifs and styles. One from a classic line and the other from a vintage beach line. Maybe mixing them is a faux pas in the world of fashion and design. But that is what is so great about our craft - we can do what we want! I actually love my page( will share next weekend) and it turned out ok.

Your challenge, if you chose to accept it is to mix two or more Big, Bold patterns from two different lines and manufacturers. Be risky and brave. You can do this. Take it up a notch and break other myths, such as don't mix florals or dots with stripes. 

A tip when using these papers and not letting your pictures get lost in the mix: add a white or black mat around the photos to frame them and separate them.

I leave you with an example of a well-executed bold pattern mixing.



  1. Oh my! Well if anyone can do this you can! And I can think of one or two of our followers who could do this too. But me? Not so sure! Ha ha. Stripes and florals? Not so much of a problem. He he. I'm up for the challenge though :-)

  2. First bling, then this. And organization was thrown in between. IiiiiiiiiEeeyiiiiiyiiii
    Whimsical musings. Weekly scrapbooking impossibles ;)
    Xxx Heidi in the FROZEN NORTH! Brrrrrrrr.....


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