Sunday, 27 January 2013

#74 Inspired by Bold Patterned Papers

Challenging you guys to do something puts double the challenge on me to deliver. Although I do this often, this week I put the pressure on myself to find the boldest, brightest, craziest patterns and make a layout. But shortly into my adventure I realized I don't have anything like that in my stash, because that isn't my style. 

What I do have are lots of tone on tone papers in bright happy colors. So that's what I went with.

I created two layouts that I am happy with. As far as Big, bold and clashy? You can be the judge of that.

 my first page focused on black and white photos taken over a period of 4 years. I wanted to focus on the similarities in the photos and not become distracted by colors and quality of the photos. I love the classic feel to this page [of course with my added whimsical touches]. I normally wouldn't mix florals with numbers, so that was my clashy moment for this page.

 for my second page I wanted to play on how bright and bold my niece is, I love that the patterned paper actually matched the dress she is wearing. although the yellow spotty paper seems to match this page nicely, it is not a combination I would easily make. I have had that paper in my stash for over 4 years and been afraid to use it for it's boldness. And of course, mixing florals is a no-no, but in this case I think it reinforces the motif and grounds the photo. Although all three papers are Scenic Route, I would have never thought to put them together - and yet this page makes them seem like they were meant for each other.

 do you think I was brave enough this week with my mixing and matching or did it seem like my regular old stuff? I will admit that being so colorful and willing to mix all the time made it difficult to find papers out of my comfort zone. 

If you were bold and daring this week I hope you will share with us on the gallery.



  1. wow girl! I need sunglasses for these! But they are super! You really show us how an expert approaches this challenge and what winners these two pages are! You will have to wait and see what you think of mine. I'm not really as satisfied with mine as you are with yours! I think I want to give it a second go... We will have to see if I have time today!

  2. What were the letters on the bottom page, please?
    Love most that I would know this is a Pam page at a glance, even though you are out of your comfort zone :)

    1. hey, it's picadilly by basic grey
      I have had these for FOREVER and made tons of layouts with them. very cool.


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