Sunday, 20 January 2013

#73 inspired by organisation

I'm the same every year. I vow that this will be the year when I manage true organisation in my life. Every year I fail miserably. But I do think that it gets a tiny bit better.

And there's parts of my life where I am totally over organised. Clothes, kitchen, cleaning stuff, decorations. Well mostly anyway! And then there's the items which I love to organise when I have time and space. Books, CDs, films, filing, my scrapbook papers.

But there's not a lot of time and space has not been allocated for a lot of stuff yet. So, yet again, organising is on the list for this year. You never know, 2013 might be the year! I try to get these types of jobs done in small 15 or 30 minute chunks when I'm here alone and therefore, I might manage a few more of those than usual this first half year.

And I'm not the only one like this in the house. There's someone else who gives the impression of being so controlled, so tidy, so structured but is very much like me! And so when I walked round our home taking photos (thinking I would do a new house post), something very much caught my eye and it just summed up this side of our control freak vs disorganised characteristics!

The result was this layout for which I went back to my delicious October 2012 Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Brighter. This is the 9th layout from that kit and I'm sad that maybe I can manage to squeeze one more layout out of the box. But the layout makes me laugh. No doubt you think we are crazy!

Ok, so these 3's are not so good for e's but I had four sets of these tiny letters and not a single e in either case and these the only 3's left too. Why oh why don't they give us more e's???

Not only are we both disorganised, we are both collectors. And this is one of his. This collection has reduced. A lot. Ha ha! But it's still broader than most bars you can go into. And I have to say that I do get the benefit of receiving the best Cosmopolitan in the world on a regular basis.

And then, because my room is very much on my mind and I don't really know where to start, I decided to use my September CKC kit, Packing, to just make a layout that might help to keep me motivated about getting my room the way I want. I am busy collecting some ideas from Pinterest, but this is it right now. The two close ups are there to show me how I don't want to use my wonderful Expedit shelves. I want my room to look stylish and pretty and creative. At the moment, it just looks a bit stuffed. I couldn't resist adding some cute effects to my photos to pretty them up a bit.

For ease, I've been using a lot of sketches over the last week or so and this is one from Creative Scrappers#244.

There's more layouts in my head for this prompt and I'm excited to see where this has taken you too.

Hope you share over at our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#73.

Have a good week everyone.

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