Monday, 25 June 2012

#44 Inspired by little girls

I knew as soon as I read this prompt that I was going to have a hard time. Not in completing a layout, but in narrowing down a subject. I love little girls and pink and butterflies and sugar & spice and all that.

In the end, I came up with three very different approaches to completing three layouts about little girls... with about as many unfinished ones sitting at the table waiting for me.

Thank you Lisa for providing me with an excuse to play with pink paper and glitter.

Princess or Dinosaur

 for this first layout i chose three very recent pictures I had a specific story for. I wanted to document how she is not your typical little girl in that she is fascinated with dinosaurs and vampires. I tried to keep the girliness oozing out of this layout to a minimum since she is not that type of girl. I like the playful feel of the layout and the contrast in the title fonts. 
 for added dimension, I took a brush with water to all the little handcut pieces and let them warp and dry before adhering them to my page. 
I also wanted to try to show the texture on my photos. I have been printing my photos on Persnickety prints which does my favorite size of photos {3x3} and they do them in a variety of papers including this pearl linen cardstock. 

little girls...

next up was a totally random layout using pictures that are 14 years old. I first found the photos which I loved but I had no real story to go along with them so I looked up quotes and found this one by Robert A. Heinlein which was perfect since I already had punched out a bunch of butterflies. I decided to make this my girly layout so I went full on with the glitter, pink, ribbon, butterfly punch and doily. It looks a little too full for my taste but it totally makes me feel like a girl. 

LOVE pink

For this last layout, I wanted to use even older pictures, so I went through my picture drawers looking for pictures of my childhood. Even at less than 30 years you can tell the quality wasn't all that great and that the pictures have yellowed quite a bit. But I found a connection between these pictures where I was wearing all pink outfits. 
  I had already handcut the LOVE title. I don't have a silhouette or any of those other cutters, but I like the look so I re-created it by tracing the letters in reverse on the backside of the paper and then cutting them out by hand. The other part of the title was inked and then embossed. 

Thank you for playing along with us for another week. I had a blast this week visiting all these old and not so old photos of the little girls in my life. I hope you'll share your creations with us on the flick'r gallery. Every week the gallery is filling up with fun creations by you - our readers. And Lisa and I are both delighted.

I will be back soon with another challenge.



  1. Oh my goodness, these layouts are great! My fav for sure is Princess Dinosaur! How cute is that!

  2. I really adore all three layouts but my fave is the one about your niece - love the overload of product!

    oh and pink paper and glitter? my middle name *wink*

  3. Well, I can't pick a favorite - they all have a bit of whimsy that makes me smile.


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