Wednesday, 25 April 2012

#36 inspired by the Earth

Yes, it's really me and it's really only Wednesday evening. I wanted to schedule this to post on Sunday but Blogger seems to be playing up at the moment and the scheduler isn't working. So, being ahead of the game as much as I am, I've decided just to post right now.

I challenged you to think about the Earth, linking in with the idea of Earth Day last Sunday.

I had participated in an Earth Day blog hop that Danielle over at EcoScrapbook had organised and if you've spent any time reading her blog you will know that she is teaching us all to be more friendly to the Earth at the same time as enjoying our scrapping hobby. I've learnt such a lot from her and have been wanting to join in on some of her challenges for some time and this week suddenly seemed to be the time.

Her current challenge is to craft with toilet rolls and I thought that it would be interesting to create something other than a layout. I gathered some rolls together and then found this wonderful wreath featured on Pinterest {here}. Now I knew I didn't have enough rolls for something so grand and decided to go small just to try out the concept - to be honest I'm really not so good at paper crafting outside the 12x12 page so this was a double challenge for me. I added in two kitchen roll middles as well as a smaller roll from some giftwrap and built up my wreath. I edged it in glitter, added some book paper flowers (inspired by Nic H in her True Scrap class last weekend) and some recycled ribbon and that's pretty much it.

I'm not sure that the amount of hot glue I used was very environmentally friendly, but all in all, the only product on here that's actually new is the glitter and the pearls in the middle of the flowers. I even used a few scraps of paper from my leftover box for under the peals. The book papers come from an old book I picked up on Monday via a charity book swap box in the street - I'll be dropping off a few books in return next time I pass.

So what do do you think of my green project? I'm quite pleased with myself for following through on this today.

Now this isn't the best thing I've ever made, but it's hanging in my room giving me something new to look at and a new way of looking at toilet rolls and it's sparkly!

I saw some AMAZING items on Pinterest and you never know, I might try something else out sometime or I might even revisit the wreath again. I will be linking this up to Danielle's blog to prove that I DO join in other challenges from time to time *wink* and I really suggest you find yourself some inspiration and try something new every now and again - this was fun.

Pam will be back with you at the end of the week with her share and a new prompt will be up on Monday.

Have a good rest of the week everyone.


  1. I love it! I like that you used a variety of tube sizes- it adds a lot of interest.

  2. Beautiful, Lisa! I love the added glitter and those book page flowers (I still have to replay that True Scrap class). Thanks so much for participating! I know you've been extremely busy the past couple months & appreciate your willingness to take the time to make & share your project.

  3. This is beautifuL. I think I may have a go at making one of these, such a clever idea.

  4. It's fantastic. I've recently gotten into toilet paper roll crafts. Just simple Christmas ornaments. I think I'll give this a go....but how did you make the flowers with the little pearl centers?


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