Sunday, 22 April 2012

#35 Inspired by silver linings

I didn't know if I would make it, but I have. 

I waited for 11th hour inspiration and it worked out ok. Although I am a cup half-full type of gal, I struggled with exactly which story I wanted to tell and how to present it with not going into the nitty-gritty with the journaling.

Something Lynette wrote on the message boards inspired me to let go of some of those ideas and just let inspiration drive.

So here you have them -

Homeless & unemployed
 this layout came together quickly and without a sketch. I just glued things down until I was happy. All I had as beginning points were my two photos and my journaling on vellum. I hardly ever start with the story and have it printed, so I just went with it instead of trying to find a sketch that fit my elements.
 i highlighted some special parts of the story...
 and continued using old product from inspiration #33
 pretty happy with that page.

New Girl
 this page concept was born while watching recorded episodes of the show "New Girl" - {click here for the video of the opening sequence on which the layout is based}. Proving once again that inspiration can come from anywhere, this layout also came together quite quickly. The journaling slightly touches upon the topic for this week in a more glossed over sense. 

What memories did this prompt bring up for you? Even if they were too private to share with us, I hope you fully take on this challenge because those lessons are the reason we are who we are.

Lisa will be here tomorrow with another cool challenge I am sure.

Until next time. xo,


  1. i like your layouts and using scraps for your border is a great idea it give a totally different look to the page you do great work!

  2. these are two awesome layouts that tell a real story but in a typical Pam way - full of hope and optimism. I love the scraps - what a super cool idea that I would never have come up with and the first is simply lovely. Moving and lovely. Sending you love.


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