Sunday, 22 April 2012

#35 Inspired by silver linings

Pam gave us all a lot of food for thought this week with her deep prompt to look for the blue skies beyond those dark, grey clouds.

I struggled to think of a way to talk about something hard on a layout and even which "storm" to talk about. I like my pages to be a bit deep but I don't necessarily want to open old wounds or talk about people from my past who hurt me.

But then it came to me. And inspired by just having attended True Scrap this weekend and having swooned all over Nic Howard's gorgeous layout, I got to work and created a meaningful, layered page

I thought the MME paper was perfect for this and then I added a few other cut out pieces from the hexagon paper and also a leftover piece from when I die cut a rosette flower. All placed on a pretty doilie and teamed up with a few more bits and pieces made this a very satisfying page to create. I added a small amount of journalling on the front and have added one of my vellum pockets for the deeper words.

I included a small amount of the pink chiffon ribbon that we used in our wedding decorations and the roses echo the flowers I chose. A hint of pink picks up that aspect of our wedding colours whereas the coffee tones match some of the embroidery on my dress. The words on the page are self explanatory (I think!) ;-)

Is the reason I thought more about these little elements because of the Noell Hyman class in TS3 or do I do it automatically anyway? I think more the latter but maybe I noticed more because of the former.

Thanks Pam for pushing me to think about things a bit deeper and to see my way through some of those stormy days I've been experiencing recently. Sending you much love.


  1. First of are a GORGEOUS bride. Not that I am a bit surprised! Such a beautiful picture and you can just see in your smile how you have found your silver lining. I love your rolled up edges (want to try that) and how you used the ribbon from your special day on this layout. And that sunburst on the bottom left certainly indicates clear skies ahead...perfect. Just fantastic, Lisa.

  2. i second lynette's compliment. I love seeing wedding photos of you. and this page is layered goodness. I love all the pretty details and the feeling is certainly hopeful. this is a beautiful silver lining page. love it.


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