Monday, 21 November 2011

Challenge #15 Week of 21st November 2011

This week we are celebrating Thanksgiving here in the states which is the perfect excuse to scrap about the things we are grateful for.

There have been some gorgeous layouts popping up all over Pinterest {for example here and here} with people listing what they are grateful for and even why.

But consider this:
We really are blessed. This week I want us to take the time to acknowledge it. But there is a twist... I want you to be grateful for you.

I challenge you to create a layout featuring one thing about yourself you are grateful for.

This can be something physical, such as your eyes, legs, hair, etc. Or it can be more abstract, such as your health or your education. It can be a personality trait, such as your cheeriness. It can be sincere, romantic, sarcastic or even ironic. Stretch your mind and find that thing about yourself you are grateful for and make a layout about it. And remember to have fun doing it! 

Lisa and I will be posting our take on this challenge by next Sunday. I challenge you to do the same... and in case you are not the type to follow through with deadlines, I guess you can make a layout about your gratitude for your ability to procrastinate. *wink*



  1. Nice twist on the gratitude theme! I like it! I have several ideas already - let's see where this one takes me this week. Thanks for my regular Monday morning brain workout :-)

  2. Heidi (aka move4life)21 November 2011 at 16:21

    This most definitely goes with my Celebration of Me Day on Dec 1st. Thanks, Pam. I'll be mainly working on courage for my ideas this week! I might have to do a starter LO with this in mind. The poster/pic you posted I'd like to post on our refrigerator. Our family could use to be reminded of this daily. THANKS. Heidi

  3. LOL re the procrastination thing. Your timing is perfect for me personally with this prompt. Will have to chew on it a bit first, though... Leslie


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