Monday, 21 November 2011

#14 inspired by maps

I truly love Lisa and where her creativity takes her. This week she challenged us all to be inspired by maps . And while I was just that, inspired, I had a hard time turning that inspiration into a layout.

A few elements conspired to my block:
a) I "pinned" too many ideas
b) my printer ran out of ink to print the maps needed for this ideas
c) the maps in my stash of memorabilia didn't have corresponding pictures

Ultimately, I was frustrated and against the Sunday deadline with no layout. Then today I just decided to raid my grandmother's "map" collection. She loves maps and collects them from everywhere we go. She also buys them and saves them and uses them. Someday I will put that story down on a layout. But for now I will stop babbling and show you what I came up with.

In the end, I don't think the map was necessary to the story, but it inspired the page and got a story told that I have been meaning to tell. At first I had a postcard picked up as the companion to this page (these photos are from a time when I was a little chunkier and I avoid using them} but then I remembered these pictures and my face says it all. I am glad I went with the pictures for this one.

This layout was more true to my original inspiration, except I couldn't find a map that really showed off Dominican Republic well... However, I like the meaning added by it being such a small point in the map. It compliments the journaling. I wish I could take credit for the sketch and the ingenious use of the leftover chipboard background, but that is the genius of Shannon Tidwell at work.

Another week and another 2 layouts done. Thank you Lisa. I love all the creations I saw over on the gallery this week. Remember if you completed a project based on this fun challenge, please add it to our Flick'r gallery so we can all ogle over it.

Stay tuned for this weeks challenge.



  1. I love the way that you've stitched and used your thread on the second layout - lovely pages!

  2. Both of these are so gorgeous and have now triggered another layout idea of my own so watch this space. I especially love that cheeky grin on the SF one and the design of the second one - the graduating tags with twine are so lovely. I love the stitching with the twine pointing to it and really wanted to do that too. Thanks for two wonderful takes on my prompt.


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