Sunday, 6 November 2011

#12 inspired by "scary" and Halloween

So Lisa's challenge this week instantly had me thinking... and scared. I hardly ever take on "scary" topics on my pages. I have never made a Halloween page and even when I talk about my challenges or struggles I find a happy, ironic way to portray it on a page.

But eventually I sat down at my table and made a page about what really scares me.

Now I realize this isn't very whimsical, but I just wanted to show you that it is ok {even necessary} to scrap those tough topics. It tells a more complete story. I wanted the focus to be on the topic so I used minimal product. And as I usually do when I take on a hard subject, I got super artsy and messy with some mod-podge, magazine scraps and gesso.

Don't worry. I did also create a playful layout that is more my style. I figured with this prompt I had to finally get some of those Halloween pictures scrapped.

Since I had no theme product I improvised with some punches and colorful patterned papers. Maybe not "scary" but definitely fun. Thank you Lisa for pushing me {or more like nudging me} to tell two types of stories I never tell.

Did you play along too? If you did, I hope you will add your layout to our flick'r group with the tag WM#12.


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  1. thanks for really going for the prompt. you made two wonderful layouts and they are both very much you. of course, the first is strong, powerful and dramatic. so well done.
    the second is a lot of fun and now that you've done one, you should get some more done :-)


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