Monday, 14 November 2011

Challenge #14 Week of 14th November 2011

I've had the idea for this challenge for a long time because I'm fascinated by maps and atlases.

There's a radio programme in the UK called Desert Island Discs where celebrities select 8 tracks to take with them to a desert island but they also get to take a book and every time I listen to the show, I'm amazed that no one chooses an atlas to take with them. That's such a given for me! In fact, I don't even own an atlas but when I win the lottery, this will be the one I get for myself and then I will just sit and pour over it for weeks and weeks!

Now, you might have noticed that Pam and I are a "little" fixated by Pinterest at the moment. I find myself losing far too much time moving from pin to pin and checking out new blogs or products. Oh, to have the time to follow up on ALL that inspiration ;-)

So when I found this stunning layout on Pinterest I knew that this was the week for my map challenge. I'm unsure about whether it's ok to post the photo of the layout here on our blog so PLEASE check out the pinterest link (to this layout on her blog) and then go check out Rahel Menig's blog where you will be overwhelmed by her beautiful creations (Swiss Girl Designs).

I know that this is a very long-winded introduction to my challenge but just to clarify:

Whimsical Musings Challenge #14 is to incorporate, or be inspired by, maps. 

I've done this a couple of times but here is one I haven't shared before using an actual map to represent the theme of the layout with real places.

And I've shared this before on my blog, but here is a wonderful, surprise gift I received from my sister which uses maps to tell a story even without words:

So where will this week's challenge take you?

Share your creations with us over at Flickr using the tag WM#14. See you there!

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