Saturday, 12 November 2011

#13 Inspired by Triadic Color Combinations

Eeee! I love me some color combinations. This challenge wasn't really a challenge at all, but more like a good excuse to have some fun.

I again made two layouts for this prompt and both were inspired by pins {I can't seem to get enough of pinterest}.

The first is an ode to Thanksgiving, and thought this pin was perfect for it.

It is about how Thankful I am to be a sponsor to these two special little kids. {I am a sponsor through Children International and Save the Children - in case you are interested}. I went with the basic colors for this one, going for the pink instead of the red. I think it makes the page happy and childlike.

For the next layout, I took a cue for this pin.

My friend April made the perfect subject for this quote because she is the quirkiest, weirdest, most individual girl I know. Plus, I have tons of personality shots like this and this allows me to combine pictures from different events and times that have been left over from other pages. For this page I went for the blue-green, yellow-orange, red-violet triad and used mostly the yellow for a happy feeling with accents of the other colors.

I hope you were inspired by the prompt. If you played along, please remember to add your creation to our flick'r group with the tag WM#13.

Curious about what Lisa has in store for us this week? Don't forget to stop by Monday.


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  1. I can tell you had fun! Both these layouts shout out that you had a good time making them. I love the primary colour first one and it's perfect for those sweet faces. I used to be a sponsor myself through Plan International for a child in the Philippines and I'm hoping to get back to that some time in the future but you've given me an idea that I should get the photos out and use them. I ADORE the banners/flags!!!
    And the second one is definitely one I will think about lifting - I also have so many personality photos of people that I could do a whole series of them! And as for you using the notebook edge punch to create your film strip - genius! I will certainly try that one out as I love film strips! Great colour combo here too.

    You rocked this challenge - of course! We all knew you would! I am in awe of your colour expertise!


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