Sunday, 13 November 2011

#13 Inspired by Triadic colour combinations

Last week Pam challenged us to get out the colour wheel and have fun with triadic combinations - three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel.

You might remember that last year - about this time - I participated in Nic H's "Colour! or is it Color?" class over at BPC and we created a cute little colour book which I blogged about over on my blog here. It's such a lovely little mini-book but since I made it, it's been sat on my window sill, sorely neglected.

Well, this challenge was the perfect excuse to get it out and check out the wheel and think about colour in a more structured way which is something I don't really do so often. And as you know, Pam is the Queen of Colour so I knew I had some (friendly) competition this week :-)

I love using bright colours and mixing them up but more often just go by feeling rather than anything more design specific but it was interesting to see what I could combine one I my eye had fallen on a bright pink piece of BG Sweet Threads paper. But I also remembered what Pam had advised that one colour should be used in a stronger way than the other two and I gave myself a second challenge to resist the Power of Pink and make another of the two colours the predominant one! Everyone knows the power pink has over me so as you can imagine, this was "interesting" for me.

In the end, I picked what appeared to be an aqua sheet of paper and then needed a yellow to complete the triadic combination. Looking at the colour wheel, I was taking the primaries but moving slightly to the right of each one to get the shades I wanted. So, blue-green aqua, creamy yellow and bright pink. Perfect.

Now, in the light I was working on my main colour looked more blue aqua but now in daylight it's far more green aqua so I hope you'll forgive me. Guess that's what you get for scrapping at night. But the idea was there.

Anyway, let me just share what I made and stop waffling on :-)

I was thrilled to have been able to get the sewing machine out and stitch on my layout - oh the joy of a new machine. Now THAT makes me happy!

I kept the layout simple and just added a few bright coloured brads as decoration on my little banner.

I had printed this photo out during LOAD last month and it takes me right back to that fantastic resort in the Philippines. Good times :-)

Don't forget to share your triadic colour combination layouts over in our group at Flickr (here) using the tag WM#13. We'd love to see what you created.

Stay tuned for the next challenge which will be posted early tomorrow.


  1. Love your choice of colours, and the stitching. You really should do more of that x

  2. i echo sarah's thoughts. the stitching is great and I'd love to see more!


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