Sunday, 20 November 2011

#14 Inspired by maps

This week, I challenged everyone to use or be inspired by maps on their projects. I can lose hours just sitting with a world map on my lap checking out where places are, or where I'd like to visit, or where I've been so this challenge was always going to be one right from the start of our time with Whimsical Musings.  

But, will you be shocked if I tell you that I nearly didn't get this one done today? And there's me choosing maps because I LOVE them and find them so inspiring that I'm overflowing with ideas...

However, I got caught up with some other scrapping for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and something else I can't share yet and then felt a bit scrapped out. I'd even bought a sheet of OA Boarding Pass (Amsterdam) specifically to do the challenge too. I did not feel good about myself :-(

So, I pulled myself together and got creating again.

The result isn't exactly what I'd had in my head and to be honest, it's not nearly as lovely as I'd imagined but the idea with the brads appears to have worked quite well which is a good thing. Unfortunately, Europe is always pretty small on a world map so I didn't have enough space for some of the pins that needed to be on there and I think I might even have made a few holes and not managed to use them - I might need to investigate this a bit more in daylight...

I was firstly inspired by the layout I shared with you last week (by Rahel Menig) and also by a layout I did last week where I listed all the countries I'd visited. So I combined the two and tried to identify not only the countries but also the main places I've visited. There should definitely be a few more locations in France, Germany and UK but you get the idea!

If I were to make this layout again, I would leave out the cluster in the bottom left corner and keep it simple but it's all stuck down a bit too well to remove so it'll have to stay!

I guess I should make one to show the places I'd like to visit. There's not so many these days but it could be interesting.

Where are maps taking you this week? I'm looking forward to seeing.

Don't forget to share your layout in our Flckr gallery (here) with the tag WM#14.

Pam will be here later with her creation and then again tomorrow with the next challenge. And so another week comes to an end. :-)

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  1. I love this page - great way to use up brads as markers too!


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