Monday, 3 February 2014

Challenge #121 week of 3rd February 2013

Welcome back to a week of creating and inspiration.

Participating in LOAD, I'm feeling full of inspiration and want to scrap all day long. Yesterday I finished two layouts and made three more! Ok, so I was against the clock with a deadline, but they came so easily and now I have five new layouts I love.

You all know that I love to look at the calendar and see what is coming up or has just passed to help us with our weekly prompts and this week is no exception. R is away in right now for a demobilisation trip but he was lucky enough to have it coincide with this event...

These photos are totally hot off the press having been taken down in Marina Bay, Singapore on Friday (31st Jan) which just happened to be New Year's Day for the Chinese calendar! Credit to him for getting sorting them out for me in the middle of the night yesterday so that I could post them here for you this morning!

Yes, it's Chinese New Year! We are now in the Year of the Horse and I was delighted to see these incredible photos of the wonderful colours and decorations over there in Singapore - just a bit sad not to have been able to be there in person!

Be inspired by

  • the event itself
  • that breath-taking horse statue
  • the amazingly bright colours of all the decorations
  • the ceiling of lanterns
  • the fireworks which heralded in 12 midnight (sorry, no photos of that but you can see what this bay looked like here)
  • Chinese or Asian culture
  • a trip to Asia you've taken or always wanted to take
  • or maybe you've even attended Chinese New Year in a Chinatown near you
I have to admit to being thrilled beyond belief with these photos. He was under strict instructions to get some for me to see what it all looked like and the photo of the horse at the gates literally took my breath away. I will be using these photos for sure although with colours as vivid as these, what on earth will I use for supplies?

If you are inspired to create this week, we hope you'll share over in our Flickr gallery (here) with the prompt WM#121


  1. OH, OH! I have something for this one. An Asian inspired dish and a funny story about my son.

  2. i have one too! and it's a good one!!!

    1. Oh right - just realised that Lynette had also replied - I wasn't concentrating and thought your comment was a bit random! Ha ha! I'm excited to see these layouts coming in :-)


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