Thursday, 20 February 2014

#113 Inspired by JOY!

I've made a few layouts this LOAD that were not specifically for Whimsical Musings prompts but now I look at them and the list of challenges I haven't made for myself, I can see that there is a match.

Challenge #113 - be inspired by joy! is just such a layout. I knew it would come and here it is.

This used my February Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Tender lo#6

Simply the best Valentine's present I think I've ever received - a trip to NYC to see my beloved Pam! This will be the first time we've met in real life and I'm excited and of course, a little nervous too. We are going to have such fun and I'm the luckiest girl alive to have the best NYC tour guide right there to show me everything I need to see and more!

Yes, what I'm feeling is certainly JOY! (hope the feeling's mutual!)

The layout was off-prompt (Myth: you can't use a photo more than once) for LOAD because a. this story was more important to tell and b. I use photos again and again on my pages! Once I find a photo of me or us that I like, that's it... I'm off on telling a dozen different stories with the same picture! So I didn't really feel like I needed to stretch myself in such a way.

Again, the combination of LOAD and my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits sitting on my shelf is perfect and all but two of the layouts so far this month have come from those pizza boxes.

If you'd like to join in using some of our older prompts, you can find the full list on the page tab at the top of the page (Thanks to Leslie who keeps that up to date for me!)

And if you do find yourself inspired to create, we hope you'll share over at our Flickr gallery (here) using the tag WM#XX (exchanging XX for the prompt number).


  1. Love this layout and sure is joyful :)

  2. Awesome gift. Don't even have words!! Your trip will be amazing x

  3. Great page - what a great time the two of you will have. Enjoy!

  4. the feeling is certainly mutual!!! I love my cute friend who lives in Germany and is coming to visit. I couldn't believe it when he first reached out to me with the proposition. I was like "Of course!!! Send her my way!" and you'll be here oh so soon. I just know we will have a blast and photos to scrap for ages to come. :) See you soon!

    ps: again I love this page and that I get to live amongst all the wonderfulness you create.

  5. I use that little tab to check back on previous prompts all the time. Makes it so easy. Thanks, Leslie! You can see the JOY! oozing off of the page here. Makes me smile :)

  6. Really cute layout, love all the clustering you did

  7. What a lovely layout. How exciting for you!


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