Saturday, 22 February 2014

#116 inspired by goals

Another two layouts made for LOAD214, using my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits but not specifically for the Whimsical Musings prompt until I took a second look and realised how they fit perfectly for "WM#116 ... be inspired by goals".

This layout was made for the LOAD prompt "Myth: You have to use the same process every time". I change up my process all the time so just looked back over the previous days to note that story first was the least used method. Then I went looking for photos, then product. I used my CKC November kit, Comfort (LO #4) for this and it was fun to use a patterned paper for the background rather than my usual white, cream or kraft. Of course, it's totally linked to goals! I don't know how I didn't notice it before.

My second share is a page to document a little for both of us. We are in this together and are motivating each other to keep going and keep positive. The file folder opens out to give us a lot of space to write down what we are thinking and maybe even to track those all important numbers. For this one, I used my CKC February kit, Tender (lo#7) and the LOAD prompt "Myth: There is only one right design". I took all the basic elements I had also used for the previous day's page and simply mixed them up into a new design. The kit is looking rather depleted now so in the last week of the month, it might be that I have to dip into my regular stash. I might need to prepare and make up a few page kits in advance, looking per page takes too long! Another layout focussing on joint goals which certainly fits the prompt.

It's good to be working through the list. I really need to look carefully and see what else is missing - I know there's a lot. It's nice to be given a general or even more specific direction to follow. Daily scrapping can be hard to come up with something new and innovative each day: kits, prompts and sketches can be a life saver!

We'd love to see your creations for any of our newer or older prompts. Check them all out on the page bar at the top and then share over in our Flickr gallery (here) with the relevant WM#XX tag so that we can identify and find it more easily!

Looking forward to seeing your shares.

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  1. I like both layouts. The extra layering of the stars is fabulous.that cotton thread wound about the button looks good too.:)


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