Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#97 inspired by Sport

In an attempt at catching up on some of my missed prompts....

Now I don't come from the most sporty of backgrounds. I grew up as one of two non-sport-loving girls and my dad was only interested in skiing and Formula 1 - a little. He wasn't a hands on fan, more of a part-time TV watcher. I was not a fan of anything sport related. Well, ok, Torvill and Dean the figure skaters who went on to make ice-skating history in the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics with their perfect score! And once a year, I've been known to zap into Wimbledon.

So, imagine my shock when two young boys were born into the family and brought the world of football into our lives.

After years of fighting against it, I've given into this a little and have since been known to sit through a whole match without asking any (overly) stupid questions and then, back in 2012, I went along to my first ever live match.

LOAD prompted me to make the page of this monumental occasion. I wanted to make the layout all Königsblau and white but peeking into my leftover kits made it clear I was going to have to be a little adaptable on that one.

In the end, my Counterfeit Kit Challenge January kit, Begin, won the day with a selection of blues and soft tones which actually worked better with the stronger blues from the photos.

When I made the layout, I didn't have much to say but since then have thought of more that could describe the events and I might just make up another 6x12 page with a few of the matching colours and type up the fuller story. I don't really feel the need to have more than one football page in my albums ha ha! Well maybe one or two but certainly not more than one just for one event. In fact, I know that I have the ticket for this match somewhere which would be a nice addition. Will need to track that down first.

So yes, I picked out the team colours to a degree but apart from that, I didn't allow the sport theme to influence my own style and I have to say that I rather like this - even with the very strongly coloured photos.

Why not make your own sport inspired layout and upload it to the Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#97. We LOVE it when we see older prompts popping up, unexpectedly in the gallery!


  1. Love that gathering of veneer - overall a really fine page!

  2. Really nice layout. Love the cluster of blue papers and the wood veners.

  3. Love that veneer cluster and the photos. Great page.
    I used to live near a football stadium but have never seen a live match - very much an armchair sports fan here!


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