Monday, 6 May 2013

#88 - inspired by seasonal foods

sometimes these stories come easy and sometimes they don't. This week they didn't. I thought long and hard about foods and seasons, but I was disappointed to discover that the majority of the foods I associate with certain seasons I eat all year round...

with the exception perhaps of grilling.

The grilled is only pulled out and put to good use when the weather is nice.

And so this layout was born.

I have a system for selecting the photos I scrap - which is to star them in my photo editing software (picasa) and this particular set had been sitting in that pile for quite some time. But I never tell food stories, so I didn't find a time to scrap them. Until now.

since this was a spring BBQ, I used subtler colors than I usually would and tried to keep it light and aerie.  

I love how vibrant the colors in the photos were. They carry the story in my eyes.

and of course, a cute photo with my siblings to round off the page and give the scrumptious food some context.

What delicacies did you feel inspired to scrap about?


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