Monday, 6 May 2013

#87 inspired by being late

I promised to try and catch up on all the missed prompts and here is my first one.

As soon as Pam gave us the prompt of being late I had this photo in my head. I have literally thousands of photos of my time in the Philippines and I'm always amazed when I can remember one photo exactly! But this was the one. Because in all my life, I have never been so late as often as I was in Manila.

And that was mostly down to the traffic. Gridlock was something I got used to dealing with and always had my laptop, my mobile and a pen and paper with me in the back of the taxi to while away (literally) hours.

There are a whole book of stories I could write around this topic from my time in Manila but I thought I would start with just an overview as an introduction. I will have to write up my list of memorable lates to write up in more detail.

I'm still LOADing and wading my way through my Counterfeit Kit May kit, Excursion, and was happy to find some products that would fit my story. I added a little bit of blue paper and the little veneer cars as well as the mists.

I tried to make the design a bit chaotic and the lines reminded me of the traffic as well as incorporating the red blue and yellow featured in the Filippino flag.

Any time I capture a snippet of my time in Manila I find myself smiling. Good times. Happy page. Job done.

Thanks for being patient with my inability to keep up with our own prompts! :-) I promise to try harder.


  1. Fab fab fab page! And a great story to boot. Love everything about it but those multi-coloured blots on your reputation are just brilliant!

  2. Well done. I am waiting for the next installment of the story, now. the little car cluster is spot on.

  3. GREAT job capturing this story. Love all the journaling that fits the pics so well. That kind of traffic could drive a person mad!


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