Monday, 15 April 2013

Challenge #86 week of 15th April 2013

Another week rolls by and here we are again?


Wie soll ich das denn sagen? Ich dachte wir könnten ein bisschen in Deutsch machen? 


How about Français? 



Yes, you've got it! I'm challenging you to incorporate foreign words into your scrapping in some way. For some of us, that might be easier than for others. I know that for both Pam and I, we live with two languages and can take our pick so to say. But still, I think we will both probably try to find a new way with foreign words.

I know that even if you "only" speak English, then you still know a whole lot of words from other lands. Have a play around with this and try some words out for size!

I've lived here for almost 12 years now and up to a year ago, as a teacher of Business English, I spent most of my time with my native language, learning German as I went along only. Now that I work back in the "real world", I have to communicate a lot in German and I have improved a lot! It's normal for me to flip between both languages within one sentence and that can't be easy for my colleague who has had to learn to follow my haphazard way of speaking. And I'm losing my English if you can believe it. Very often, that new language comes to mind and I am fighting to find the right word. It's made me think a lot about our preconceptions of language - to what sort of people speak what language. How it sounds to outsiders. Which words are "pretty" and expressive!

To be honest, even though I spend my day switching between my two languages, I have only scrapped a handful of pages with any German on them.

I made this one a bit more recently:

Where will you take this prompt today? What words do you have in your every day that are foreign to your native language or where you come from? What language do you wish you spoke?

We'd love to see what you come up with so make sure you share over at Flickr (here) with the prompt WM#86


  1. Gorguss page - that cluster is well, gorguss! I am seriously going to noodle this challenge over - great theme!

  2. GREAT challenge. I love it. a bit predictable but most likely i'll end up with spanish. :) thanks for the push.


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