Wednesday, 17 April 2013

#85 inspired by divided page protectors

a few days late, but I did it. I was completely frozen and intimated by this prompt, despite coming up with it and raving about how cool it was last week. Truth is, sometimes I challenge myself too much to come up with something innovative for you guys. But after missing my deadline of Sunday I sat myself down and had a serious talk with myself. No more undue pressure.

So I looked for a story with lots of pictures and not a lot of story left to tell and went to work. I found a gap in between a few pages I had done at the beginning of the year from a recent trip from my best friend and all it took to complete the story was one 9-pocket page protector to get the job done.

this came together so easily and quickly that it felt like cheating again. I just focused on embellishing two pockets on each side and the rest were photos and memorabilia.

I added colors and elements to each side to match the existing layouts. Although I did those two other layouts a few months back, I found some scraps and other leftover embellishments that matched the colors, style or exact products such as the washi.

I also tried to repeat elements such as the circles and butterflies on the second spread to create visual triangles for the double-page layout.

and of course, I added mini collages of photos to complete the rest of the story.

overall, I feel this was the best way to complete this story. I made a total of 4 pages 12x12 to use up the photos I really loved and tell my story and the rest of the photos from this vacation quickly fit into this divided page protector and my vacation is now effectively scrapped.

(some of you may remember this page from the goodbye prompt at the beginning of the year).
thanks for being patient with me. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Is this a technique you can use on your own albums to complete a story?



  1. well, I love your result - great job. where can I get those 9 pocket pages- the instagram not fitting the PL ones drove me ever so slightly crazy!

  2. I really like your solution to the pocket dilemma - I KNOW I will do a save or two with this, if I ever get my pages in albums! That is a little misleading as I do have pages in albums, but since I started LOAD back in October 2010 no pages have been stored properly - ack. Another project to stuff into my mental backpack...


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