Sunday, 7 April 2013

#84 inspired by Ombre

Ok, I will admit that I have always been a little ombre crazy. Every before it was popular. Even before I knew the name of it. I used to call it "gradient" which is a much less fun word to say. 

Anyway, I have paintings I did in 2007 that will prove that I was onto this trend way before it started. And I jumped on it's bandwagon from the very beginning, mostly creating my own effects with paints, mists, colored pencils and patterned papers.

So of course, I was thrilled by this challenge - and I wanted to challenge myself in the same ways... but also in new ways. I bring you my two layouts.

 this first layout wasn't all that different from what i've done before except i threw it all on the diagonal for a little twist. love this color scheme and how the photo just stands out. This is a funny/silly story that was just begging to be told.

this next layout I wanted to do something a little different. So I thought long and hard for a story involving ombre effect... and in the end I ended up with something which is sort of a continuation of the page from last week. 
   I cheated a little by using the paint chips I collected when choosing my paint colors to tell this story. I say I cheated because the paint chips are set up in a gradient so I had a ready made ombre effect. I searched long and hard for a sketch to use since I was out of my mojo but ended up just moving things around until they fit and creating my own design. 

 again I added some splats to grunge things up a bit. And since my title was pink I was really happy with the die cut card I found to bring in some more of that color.
Lastly, I used my mistable alphas to created another ombre effect with some inks. I added a lot of pink working up from the bottom and a touch of orange to the tips. 

Overall, I love my two ombre pages almost as much as I love this technique. Thanks Lisa.


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