Monday, 8 April 2013

Challenge #85 week of April 8th 2013

Hey there. Finally Spring here so I am spending less and less time at my scrap table and more time having fun.

But you all still need a challenge and I hope that is what I am here for...

I know many of you may have jumped on the Project Life train. I still haven't made the leap. But I do love the idea of making a layout with bits and pieces of life instead of a large 12x12 canvas. I am talking about divide page protectors. Those awesome little things aren't exclusive to Project Lifers. In fact, I incorporate them into my regular memory keeping all the time to tell more complete stories. 

Here are some examples -

from a trip to boston

 and from a roadtrip to Washington DC

you can see I can fit a lot of memorabilia, especially from trips, into these types of layouts... and create mini sections within a larger album of cohesive pages. So there you have it. Your challenge this week is to create a page (or two ... or three) using divided page protectors. Don't have them? No problem! I will post on the forum a bunch of resources from Shimelle and Julie FFB on how to create your own. Have fun with it and if this isn't something you use, just see where it takes you.


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  1. ooo, nice! I actually got the whole PL stuff recently but I haven't touched it yet! I will no doubt raid the page protectors for this challenge!


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