Monday, 18 February 2013

#77 inspired by a lovey dovey mood board

Pam delighted us with her mood board this week. I loved it - every bit of it and wanted to get to it all week but as always left it to the last minute and then struggled with the creativity of picking up the bits of inspiration.

But I battled through as best I could and have come up with a layout that I like, but don't love. I will have to see how I feel about it in daylight. I might need to rework it.

But I gave it as good as I could and lifted several of the elements of the board:

  • I had a go at the artsy title, using different letter stickers as masks under a whole load of misting (which is not normally my way and I'm distressed at how warped the page is :-)  )
  • the colours of the flowers in my little grouping of flowers
  • the ombre heart is something I tried to create with my heart punches on a heart background. I've wanted to do something like this for ages, but it was definitely not as successful as the picture I had in my head! 
  • sequins for the sparkle picture
  • aqua tape to pick up that aqua green in the bottom photo as well as a butterfly as the items hanging on the wall looked like wings to me
  • the hearts all punched out
  • for the blackboard art, I used the white on black which is an idea I lifted from Lynette - she had used a paper polaroid as a base for a title so I changed it up to make it as a journalling block. (By the way, this is also my take on prompt #76 for instant photos as inspiration. I really wanted to get that prompt done but with my trip, didn't manage it so here it is.)
Tick, tick, tick. Maybe it was all a bit too much for me to try on one page - ha ha! Anyway, my layout is about love. Not just the moonlight and roses Valentine's day type (I make plenty of those as you know). LOL. No, this is another layout for the collection about my love for Chanel. Well, a girl can dream about owning shoes like this, can't she? Maybe I need an album just for this series!

But the mood board idea is most definitely something I will be coming back to. This was a lot of fun to see where the inspiration would take me.

Thanks Pam for making me get messy! I had a great time even if I was a bit disappointed by the results. Let's see how tomorrow feels.

Don't forget to share over at the Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#77.

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