Sunday, 10 February 2013

#76 Inspired by instant pictures

Hey there!

I wanted to go the hard route and not use my instax for this one... but for once I had a hard time coming up with a story. Shocker.

Does that ever happen to you? I know there are hundreds of untold stories and yet I have a block. So I visited a few inspiration sources. Not pinned scrapbook pages or "favorites" on flick'r, but actual story starter ideas I've collected. And I ran into a quote which inspired my page and story.

  I made my frames from plain cardstock. I cut out the square for the photo using an exacto knife and then I added splats, watercolors, embossing and stamping for a total custom look. 
 the quote served as my title. since it was long and I wasn't sure what fonts I would be using, I added each word to a separate piece of cardstock. This also helped me play with placement. This is the one tip I would offer anyone trying their hand at mixed-alpha titles. This way you can move things around until they are pleasing to the eye (which is usually when they are really close together). Having to commit to adding all the words straight to the background when you are not sure of the final result seems scary.
 I also added some pop dots and chipboard pieces in the mix to create some dimension and movement.
something cool happened. When I finished this page, I showed it to my grandma - and she complimented me on the photos. She said she really liked all these shots because they showed her natural personality. She wasn't posing for any of them and yet they are all photos I love. Sometimes it pays off to be constantly behind the lens capturing every little detail.

Did you get your instant photo fix this week? We would love to see.


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  1. Such a totally great layout. I often get stuck for story ideas. I have so many thousands of photos waiting to be scrapped but the "why" is sometimes missing. This is a great example of something I need to do more of.


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