Saturday, 11 August 2012

#51 - Inspired by Live Colorfully

hey there gals. Posting a little early this week as I have a weekend of "living colorfully" ahead of me. I am still waiting for those photos of you guys wearing bold colors. But in the meantime, I will share the layout I created for this prompt.

I am sure more stories will come down the road for his one, but in the end I decided to make a page about how I embrace this motto in my own life. I love making pages that gather random photos with no story and tie them together with a title and some simple journaling. To me, these stories are more significant than event pages because they paint a more complete picture. The pictures used on this page span 4 years and yet they fit together nicely. 

Enough chatting, though, let's get on to my page.

I kept the colors and patterns to a minimum because I didn't want to overwhelm the photos as I really wanted the story to shine. With a prompt like "live colorfully" you would expect me to use bold and bright colors. And while the page is quite happy, the colors take second plate to everything else going on.
I knew I would never find an alpha with 4 l's, 2 o's and an e, so I didn't even attempt it. Plus, I was starting to miss my watercolors. I drew up my words with pencil and then traced over them with a brush, mixing colors as I went to create this ombre look. I then outlined it with my precision pen and when i realized my pencil marks wouldn't go away {embracing imperfection}, I added my white gel pen.
I added my journaling straight onto the cardstock {being bold} before I realized that it didn't really tie in to the title, so I added the little yellow strips to bring the two together. 
 I hope you enjoyed thinking of ways to interpret this prompt. I really do hope you are all finding ways to live more colorfully. If you create a page we would love to see it, so please remember to share on the gallery and tag it (WM#51). Check back for a new prompt soon.


ps: did anyone notice? no splatters. I wonder if that phase is over for me. probably not! ;)

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