Sunday, 26 August 2012

#53 inspired by grids

Happy end of the week everyone!

I'm keeping this really short and sweet today. I'm being a bad scrapper and a bad blogger right now but there just doesn't seem any time to do anything. :-(

Pam asked us to look at grids for our creations and she knows just how much I love them so this was great for me.

I turn to grids when I have a lot of photos to use and if I want to keep things simple and easy. They are so effective whether you make them symmetrical and structured or more fluid and abstract.

I've been doing the 12 on 12 project since way back in 2007 and I love to look back over those layouts to see how my months have changed. But I'm pretty way behind on creating the layouts even if I have all the photos taken. So this was the ideal opportunity for me to get one done. I'm a bit all over the place with them and will have to collate them all together to see which months are missing or I'll end up doing what I did recently and making two for the same month! he he!

But I went with this month's 12th to keep it simple and turned to my CKC June kit, Subtlety to make things even easier.

I actually love how this has turned out. Now if I could just get around to filling the gaps in this album.... ;-)

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  1. love love love. I adore your 12x12 but I like this change up in design and I love the clustering. the colors also are a winning combination here. and you're non-symmetrical grid is the perfect example of just how versatile grids can be :)


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