Monday, 6 February 2017

Challenge #247 - week of 6th February 2017

Today marks the 65th Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II. Today, I learnt that this is represented by sapphire and a lovely official photograph has been released today of the Queen wearing some rather impressive sapphire jewellery (even if it's totally not my style!).

Now you all know just how much I love my Queen. She makes me very proud to be British and I hope that she is around for many more years on the throne.

Photo by ©️David Bailey - found on Instagram here

So I was trying to find a way of bringing this milestone into the Whimsical Musings prompts for today but we've had quite a few blue themed ones, plus jubilees and even where you come from, so none of these work.

But how about going the completely obvious route? Therefore, this week I'd like you to be inspired by royalty.

As always, I think you could take this in different directions and find a way to make this prompt work for you. There's the direct route of telling a story about the Queen or royalty related to your own country. You could create a project about a royal event - a wedding, a coronation, a special anniversary or even a death. What about royalty in terms of very important people? This takes the challenge into all sorts of different areas such as people in your own family, circle, work environment, celebrities etc.

We'd love you to use this prompt and hope you will share your creations - there are now two ways to do this!

You can either upload your layout into the Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery with the tag WM#247 or you can post it in our Whimsical Musings Facebook group. We've decided that we'll save albums for special occasions so just load up your photo to the group with the tag WM#247 in the write up text so that we can find it.

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