Sunday, 27 October 2013

#107 inspired by non-standard celebrations

I didn't remember to take any photos of our recent "15 years since the day we met" celebration so I was a little stuck for myself as to what to do with this week's prompt. Of course, I had left it to the last minute to get it done and wanted to tie it in to LOAD as well. At times like these, I can be really lazy and just want to get the layout made! To get cutting pretty paper.

And then I realised I should use the photo that I had used for the prompt post last week and make it a bit of a more general layout about the fact that we celebrate these "odd" days rather than one day in particular.

In the end, the layout ends up covering both ideas and I'm happy to have found a use for this below par photo of this strange little anniversary!

What non-celebration are you capturing on your page this week? I'm looking for some new anniversaries to add to my list so I can catch him out with a few surprises!

Make sure you share over at Flickr (here) with the tag WM#107

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