Sunday, 20 October 2013

#106 inspired by transparencies

LOAD is taking up a lot of our time right now but it does give the chance to build in these challenges to our daily creations. So why did it take me to today to do that? 

Lynette made up her wonderfully elegant page right away and here am I creating last minute as usual!

This page was driven by my scrap box. I had a good rummage and was delighted to find this gorgeous piece of map paper and the rest developed from there. More scraps in the same tones, then a few travel products and a small cluster top and bottom just seemed to come from that first piece of paper.

It was only then that I remembered our Whimsical Musings challenge and as luck would have it, there were two perfect scraps of transparency in my box that fitted the theme and colours of the layout.

Of course, I've made a mistake in the journalling which will have to be fixed but that's only to be expected. I think I correct almost every layout in some way, be it spelling, journalling, title work, wonky photos etc etc

Please excuse the quality of the photos - it's dark so early these days!

There's the Hambly off-cut. Wish I could track down some more of this.

And here's the Heidi Swapp travel themed luggage tag. Yes, there's the journalling mistake!

Now, these two small bits of transparency haven't made much of a dent in my huge pile and I wasn't especially creative with how I incorporated them onto my layout but I'm hoping that I am now reminded to include some of the other scraps on pages. Let's see how I get on with that now...

Please share your transparency creations with us over at our Flickr Gallery with the tag WM#106.

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  1. Oh I disagree...I love the way you just tucked them in. I think that's why I have hoarded them in my stash. I feel like I have to use them in some big, exciting way. Just added in here as part of your layers and cluster is perfect and add that little bit of something different. I'll be on the look out for this transparencies as one of my shops has some old Hambly sheets still around.


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