Monday, 1 April 2013

Challenge #84 week of 1st April 2013

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Do you carry out any practical jokes on anyone today? I always forget and I'm sitting here alone anyway so it would be a bit superfluous really!

But here we are in a new week, a new month and a new season. Not that you would know that where I am - we had a snowy Easter and spring is definitely finding it hard to break though. But spring will come when it's ready and everyone will be happy to see it when it does. You can't rush Mother Nature :-)

This week I'd like to challenge you all to try out one of the newer trends that I have been loving. Ombré.  This trend is literally everywhere and just a quick look at Pinterest brought up these three different takes:

Pinterest credit

Pinterest credit

Pinterest credit

And if you go to any scrapbooking gallery you will find many, many interpretations. These three caught my eye over at TwoPeas:

Liz Kartchner at TwoPeas

Jen Gallagher at TwoPeas

Shimelle at TwoPeas

So select your favourite colour (that mint green is calling me at the moment!) and give this trend a go.

Don't forget to share over at out Flickr Gallery (here) with the tag WM#84 if you complete this prompt.

And of course, we love to see your interpretations of all our prompts so please feel free to go back and hunt around for one that takes your fancy. The list of past prompts can also be found on the page in the top bar.

ps. with Easter breaks and a busy life, Pam and I are late uploading our contributions for prompt WM#83 but we will try to catch up as soon as we can. Can you beat us to the prompt?

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