Sunday, 7 April 2013

#83 inspired by Big Cities

Well, it should be said that big city living is BUSY. I have been in a whirlwind of activity this past week and it feels like I don't own my time anymore. but I am still loving it.

Anyway, I felt super bad when I didn't get to post my layout before going away last weekend. However, I did complete it in time and I finally get to share it below.

 I decided to keep it simple and current. Ended up using up the rest of the letters in this alpha set to create my title and design element on the bottom. The idea isn't originally mine but I forget now where I saw it to credit it.
 i wanted to keep everything a little mismatched and grungy - just like my city! So the embellishments don't really go together and that is ok by me.
i also ran some ink over the letters to grunge them up a bit. Nothing clean about big cities (unless it's Washington DC or Boston. Those two cities are impeccable).

thanks for standing by (and even beating Lisa and I to the punch on this one). You guys are the best readers. Keep posting your big city stories!


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  1. It's crazy because I know you say you kept it mismatched but it all matches so so well lol. Fabulous layout


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