Monday, 25 March 2013

Challenge # 83 - week of March 25th, 2013

Well, hello again. 

It has now been one week since my move and I finally got everything in order in my scrap space. So I can join in again on live prompts. I have been itching to create and craft, but unfortunately my new schedule and lifestyle left little room for all that. 

I have been taken in by the city.

And thus, your prompt for this week is born. I want you to be inspired by BIG CITIES. I would have challenged you to be inspired by New York City but I wanted to make it broader than that to give you some flexibility. 

Perhaps you can document a vacation to London or Paris or Madrid or Miami or Chicago or San Francisco  ... or your love/hate of big cities... or something specific about big cities, such as the noise, the pollution, the people... You can just use products that remind you of big cities, like skyline stamps which are trending... or list out your bucket list of cities to visit... or write about your favorite big city... or your city... 

Oh, the possibilities!

I have more than my share of stories to tell this week, so I will leave you to it. Can't wait to see how you are inspired by big cities. As always, please remember to share with us on the gallery with the tag WM#83.


ps: the images above were mostly taken by me (of course not the aerial view although I have taken a helicopter ride over Manhattan) and represent some of my favorite things and parts of this city I now call home.

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