Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Challenge # 87 Week of April 23, 2013

So this week's challenge is a little late... 

So is Spring actually.

Which got me thinking. And you know what happens when that happens.


So yes, the prompt this week is a little out there. Maybe not so much. But Time is something I feel happens to all of us - and maybe there is a story or two you need to tell about being late.

Tags: Anime, Alice In Wonderland, Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix, Disney

Perhaps, an obsession with the White Rabbit... or about how you felt when you found out you were "late" ... or your prince charming coming in later in your life... or just how Spring seems to be running behind schedule this year... Or that pesky personality flaw in yourself or a loved one of always being late. 

There you have it. Your "better-late-than-never" prompt. :) Have fun with it. 

We will post by next Sunday... or maybe we will be late. You'll just have to wait and see. Whenever it is you post, please remember to tag it WM#87.


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