Monday, 19 March 2018

Challenge #280 - week of 19th March 2018

I'm always thinking about my little corner of the web. And my scrapbooking. And the commitments I have on teams or blogs. And how hectic I feel all the time. This is something I'm working on this year - linked to my OLW of mindful.

What I think it all comes down to is priorities. And this is where I'm taking the prompt this week.

Be inspired by priorities.

Is that scrapbooking? Joining in on challenges like this? Just creating where and when you want rather than feeling any sort of obligation. Perhaps you'd just like to record some thoughts of your own about the priorities in your life now. Compare it with those of the past. Or those of your children. Or maybe even a story from the past about different generations. You could talk about your own time management, or you "problems" with procrastination (or is that just me!). Lots of ways to take the prompt this week.

Something that is definitely NOT a priority for me - being the perfect housewife!

Capturing progress along the way of health improvement and weight loss in the last two months which I focussed on as a personal priority. 

If you're inspired to create this week, don't forget that you can add your own creations to our Facebook group here - we love it when you share so please don't be shy! Tag your entry with #WMXX so we know exactly which inspiration you've taken. 

Or simply tell us in the comments where to find you... :-)

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