Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Challenge #277 - week of 29th January 2017

It's like I blink and it's Monday again. And Mondays seem so busy and I'm behind on my prompts! But I'm getting there. I have a couple of layouts from the last prompts in the making and LOAD is starting at the end of the week so that's a good thing. I'll be joining in from 5th but that is still lots of potential pages!

Anyway, this week marks my granny's 96th birthday (! wow !) and I feel like we should link that in to this week's prompt.

So, this week I'd like you to be inspired by the older generation.

Whenever I go home to the UK, I make sure that no matter how busy my schedule is, there's always half an hour free to go and visit my granny. She's in good health even though she's so tiny and frail these days. We sit together, have a cup of tea, take a photo together and just chat. She likes to hear all my news about life in Germany and particularly loves to hear about my DH who she simply adores. It's a special connection that we haven't always had and I'm making the most of it while I can.

I'm sure that you have an older person in your life, your family or maybe even your past who needs to be captured on your pages. Maybe one of those "just because" layouts with no particular story to tell - just a treasured photo. If there is a story, all the better. Interview them and capture some details that you haven't before or recall a story that they always used to tell you when you were young. Perhaps there's a list of stories you'd like to know that you could record on a page. A vintage photo that you've found about which you know nothing except who it is.

The first of my two example pages features the birthday girl herself and is a page I made to record our most recent time together. The second layout features a very special vase given to us by my German Oma who is no longer with us. Even though she's not directly featured on the page, it gives some insight into the type of person she was.

If you're inspired to create this week, don't forget that you can add your own creations to our Facebook group here - we love it when you share so please don't be shy! Tag your entry with #WMXX so we know exactly which inspiration you've taken. 

Or simply tell us in the comments where to find you... :-)


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  1. Great job on both layouts. My favorite part is the cluster of labels and tags. A great way to incorporate lots of stash. You make it look so easy.


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