Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Challenge #276 - week of 22nd January 2018

Almost on time! Ha ha.

Creativation 2018 has come and gone (that'll be CHA for those of us who've been scrapping for a bit longer and I'm sure it had another name even before that!), and there's been a lot of chatter online about the new collections and offers. Considering there's been a bit of a negative feeling that the industry is contracting - and let's face it, it is - there was a LOT of new on offer.

If you're still in need of some visuals from the show, Alice Boll (from Scrap Happy and Scrapbook Wonderland) has a whole LOAD of video from Creativation 2018 - you can find it all on her YouTube challenge here.

This week I'd like you to be inspired by the new releases at Creativation 2018.

Simple Stories Mama Llama mini collection - paper "Oh Llama"

Maybe you actually have something new to use on a page. Or you might feel that some of the motifs or colours are the same as product you already have - now's the time to use it up! It seems to me that there were an awful lot of llamas around so maybe you have a llama themed page that's just waiting to be scrapped - well, it's possible! Perhaps you were at Creativation yourself or were lucky enough to attend a CHA back in the day when it was such a mega-show and you'd like to record your memories on a page. I think there's a few directions to go - whether it's product or story-based.

Don't forget that you can add your own creations to our Facebook group here - we love it when you share so please don't be shy! Tag your entry with #WMXX so we know exactly which inspiration you've taken. 

Or simply tell us in the comments where to find you... :-)

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